Harry’s bio


Name: Harry Edward Styles

Monster type: Vampire

Mother/Father: Both vampires 

Favorite food: blood pudding :D

Favorite quote: "Poison us, strangle us, break our bones, we will come back for more. And why? Because we like it!" ~from The Addams family

Hi, I’m Harry! I’m 120 years old and I’m a vampire. I was born in Holmes Chapel. I love to draw and cook in my free time. I also like to make mini bandannas to wear when I’m a bat, unfortunately good quality bat-wear is hard to come by in this century. Sometimes I help Zayn gather materials for his spells, witchcraft is very interesting! I live in a house with my 4 roommates but they might as well be brothers. I’ll post some of my drawings and favorite human recipes for you guys periodically, lemme know what you think! 

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